• Coming soon to the St. George area of Staten Island

    Our new location will be at :
    100 Stuyvesant Place
    Staten Island NY, 10301

    For more information please call :
    (718) 447-1144

It all started in 1968 at 86th St. and Stillwell Ave. in Brooklyn. John's Deli created what has become known as the "best hero in Brooklyn!" Giving customers outrageously good food at a great price, John's Deli has 2 locations, Brooklyn & Staten Island!
C'mon in and get some REAL BEEF with "Mutz & Gravy". Our gravy is a secret recipe too. We've got sandwiches, salads, chicken, ribs, veal, eggplant parm, chicken franchese, sausage and peppers, linguine w/garlic & oil, deli salads, cole slaw, pickles - it's all here. We make everything from the freshest ingredients and we feature Boar's Head meats! We're open 7 days a week - we get up early and serve breakfast too! Check out our PHOTO GALLERY!

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"Thank You -Subway!"

We'd like to thank all of our customers for being so generous and kind to our business for the past 45 years!

There's a phrase associated with our deli: "Thank You -Subway!". For those who are curious about what the phrase means, this is the story.

During the late 60s and early 70s, there was a gentleman who came into our deli and left tips for the workers. Every time, he would say "Thank You -Subway!". Out of curiosity, my father, the owner, John asked what "Thank You -Subway!" meant.

What the man said was that during the 20s and 30s, the subway was a nickel at the time. People who worked in those businesses would take the subway home. Their customers generously gave them a nickel as a tip so they could get home at the end of the day. When their bosses saw them putting the nickels in their pockets, they would ask them if they were taking money out of the register. The workers would explain to him that the customers had given them a tip.

To make sure they weren't robbing any money out of the register, the boss suggested they take the nickel when received, bang it on the counter, and yell "Thank You -Subway!" and then put it in their pocket.

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Hello Brooklyn! This is where it all began!

New York CBS Local ranked us as one of "8 Best Sandwiches In Brooklyn"!


718 372 7481

2033 Stillwell Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11223

John's Deli is now in Staten Island with 2 locations to serve you!

    718 351 1144

    173 New Dorp Lane
    Staten Island NY 10306


    718 966 0300

    7423 Amboy Road
    Staten Island NY 10307